DroneSentry-C2 Tactical

DRONESHIELD DroneSentry-C2 Tactical DroneSentry-C2 Tactical (C2Tactical) stands as a robust and field-ready iteration of DroneShield’s primary Command-and-Control solution, DroneSentry-C2. This system equips operators with instantaneous Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) situational awareness, consolidating information from a singular device or a network comprising DroneShield and third-party devices. These devices include the RfPatrol Mk2, a body-worn drone detector, …

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DRONESHIELD DroneSentry-C2 DroneSentry-C2 Command-and-Control (C2) offers a user-friendly and robust software platform that delivers comprehensive capabilities for counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS) awareness and reporting. It seamlessly incorporates DroneShield and third-party C-UAS sensors and effectors, encompassing a variety of AI-enabled sensing and tracking products, including multiple options for enhanced situational awareness. FEATURES Manage the Site from …

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DroneCannon Mk2

DRONESHIELD DroneCannon Mk2 DroneShield’s DroneCannon Mk2 represents the next generation of fixed-site countermeasures, featuring enhanced disruption capabilities, size, and durability. This device provides non-lethal and non-kinetic countermeasures, compelling UAS to either land at the point of disruption or return to their home base. The DroneCannon is particularly effective against swarm attacks, capable of countering multiple …

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RfOne Mk2

DRONESHIELD RfOne Mk2 The RfOne Mk2 stands as a fully passive and non-emitting RF detection product, designed for stationary or vehicle-based deployment. It provides extensive range and highly precise capabilities for detecting and tracking drones. Utilizing the proprietary DroneShield detection database, RfOne offers subscription-based updates to stay current with the dynamic drone market. FEATURES Rapid …

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DroneSentry-X Mk2

DRONESHIELD DroneSentry-X Mk2 The DroneSentry-X Mk2 represents a software-defined detection and adaptive disruption system. This versatile platform is well-suited for mobile operations, on-the-fly pop-up setups, and fixed-site protection. Offering a cost-effective solution, it encompasses both detection and optional defeat capabilities within a single self-contained unit. Crafted for deployment in challenging environments, the DroneSentry-X Mk2 can …

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DRONESHIELD DroneSentry-X DroneSentry-X represents a cross-vehicle compatible, automated 360° detect and defeat system. This device ensures comprehensive awareness and protection by utilizing integrated sensors to detect and disrupt UAS, regardless of their speed. Ideal for mobile operations, on-site surveillance, and missions on the move, this robust and compact unit can be mounted on standard vehicle …

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DroneGun Mk3

DRONESHIELD DroneGun Mk3 Designed for ease of use with a single hand, the DroneGun Mk3 stands as a compact and lightweight countermeasure solution for UAS. Its sturdy, pistol-shaped design incorporates a control panel user interface, enabling operators to choose and activate RF disruption frequency modes. This device serves as a secure passive countermeasure against a …

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DroneGun Mk4

DRONESHIELD DroneGun Mk4 A rugged, handheld cUAS effector known as the DroneGun Mk4 is offered to users, providing a compact and rapid response countermeasure capability. The versatility of its predecessor is maintained by the device, while improved performance, ingress protection, and serviceability are incorporated.Highly effective against a wide range of UAS types and models, the …

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RfPatrol Mk2

DRONESHIELD RfPatrol Mk2 A highly versatile, completely passive/non-emitting wearable UAS detection device is known as RfPatrol. Real situational awareness without distraction or complex operation is provided to the user by the device. It has been designed to be highly effective for a variety of operators in a range of demanding environments. Drones moving at any …

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DroneGun Tactical

DRONESHIELD DRONEGUN TACTICAL The DroneGun Tactical is an efficient solution for countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) that is specifically crafted for dual-hand operation and long-range incapacitation. This product incorporates high-performance directional antennas within a lightweight yet sturdy rifle-style framework. It boasts an user-friendly control panel interface, allowing users to easily choose and activate jamming frequencies …

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