GARRETT SEA HUNTER MARK II Fully waterproof to 200 feet to hunt for discarded objects in surf, beach, swamp or freshwater environments. Designed to ignore saltwater and mineralized soils. Sea Hunter will find all metal types and includes submersible headphones. additional features product types FEATURED PRODUCT VIDEO Do you want more information?

ACE 300

GARRETT ACE 300 Simple to operate, the ACE 300 provides unparalleled performance for budget minded departments. Large Digital Target ID numbers help identify metallic targets before you dig. Includes headphones, rain cover, and searchcoil cover. ADDITIONAL FEATURES DIGITAL TARGET ID Numeric identification scale from 0 to 99. Identifies a target metal’s conductivity. ELECTRONIC PINPOINTING This non-motion All-Metal …

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GARRETT ACE APEX Lightweight, rechargeable, with large Target ID numbers. Apex has advanced ground balance capabilities, and even a Salt Mode for searching along wet sand beaches. Six detection modes and six frequency options. ADDITIONAL FEATURES INTUITIVE AND EFFICIENT CONTROLS Direct drive buttons for most frequently used controls. Easy-access menu adjustments for other controls. SIX DETECTION MODES …

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GARRETT CSI Pro All terrain versatility and unmatched performance for metallic crime scene evidence recovery. The CSI Pro has fast recovery speed, excellent detection depth, and is fully submersible to 10 feet. Garrett makes metal detectors to meet almost any evidence recovery challenge. Find your CSI evidence no matter where it rests: in the field, in the …

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