Ballistic Shields

GARANT PROTECT Ballistic Shields and Blankets Ballistic shields and blankets are engineered for security in high-risk scenarios, these protective tools stand guard against bullets and projectiles. Whether in the hands of law enforcement, military, or security professionals, these shields and blankets provide a crucial layer of defense. Discover a range of options, each designed to …

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Miscellaneous EOD/IEDD Products

GARANT PROTECT EOD/IEDD Products Discover the wide array of miscellaneous EOD/IEDD products, meticulously crafted to cater to the specialized requirements of explosive ordnance disposal and improvised explosive device disposal tasks. Ranging from innovative tools to essential accessories, this product line guarantees thorough support for various applications in the field. Bomb Blanket and ring BSD/BSR A …

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Bomb Suit SPS-10a

GARANT PROTECT BOMB SUIT SPS-10A The SPS-10a suit stands out as an ideal choice for various EOD and IEDD tasks. Its proven design delivers an excellent weight-to-protection ratio and exceptional mobility. The suit is a culmination of many years of experience and extensive feedback from users globally. The suit provides the utmost level of protection …

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Bomb Suit SPS-15

GARANT PROTECT BOMB SUIT SPS-15 The SPS-15 suit is presented as the current highest development stage in EOD/IEDD suits by the company. Its optimized design showcases an excellent weight-to-protection ratio, achieving a 25% reduction in weight compared to the SPS-10a, accompanied by various other improvements. Every component of the suit is meticulously balanced to ensure …

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