Walk-Through Metal Detector Accessories

GARRETT Walk-Through Metal Detector Accessories Garrett is the industry leader with superior pinpoint detection technology and unmatched discrimination features. The Quick-Q™ technology sets the standard for today’s need to provide quicker venue access into stadiums, arenas, outdoor events, convention centers and concert halls. This technology has the effectiveness of moving high volumes of patrons through events …

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Multi Zone™

GARRETT Multi Zone™ U.S.A. / International Description Color 1171000 / 1171010* Multi Zone 30″ IP 55 Gray 1171001 / 1171011* Multi Zone 30″ IP 65 Gray 1171005 / 1171015* Multi Zone 32.5″** ADA IP 55 Gray 1171006 / 1171016* Multi Zone 32.5″** ADA IP 65 Gray Other options available.* Supplied with Euro plug.** 32″ ADA-compliant passageway ACCURATE PINPOINTING …

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GARRETT Paragon™ Let your crowds leave their worries at the checkpoint.With Paragon, you can have confidence in your security screening. ADDITIONAL FEATURES More than the sum of its parts The Garrett Paragon blends the best features of its predecessors with innovative setup, operation, and a distinctive new aesthetic. Ideal for modern security systems, it offers connectivity, adaptability, …

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Portal PD 6500i

GARRETT PORTAL PD 6500I The PD 6500i stands as a portable metal detector featuring multiple internal receivers, high-density transmitters with low radiation, and advanced programming capabilities. Its design allows for detection adjustments and ensures high sensitivity in identifying metal objects. U.S.A. / International Description Color 1168414 / 1168424* PD 6500i 30″ IP 55 Gray 1168418 …

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Spectrum Bodyscan DV

VMI SECURITY SPECTRUM BODYSCAN DV Spectrum Bodyscan DV offers advanced control and security features tailored for prisons, airports, border posts, and government facilities. It facilitates comprehensive full-body inspections, including the soles of the shoes, accompanied by a registration system and automatic monitoring of the accumulated dose for each inspected individual. Safe and responsive inspection Cutting-edge …

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Spectrum Bodyscan

VMI SECURITY SPECTRUM BODYSCAN Spectrum BodyScan represents an innovative solution designed for continuous personal inspection, possessing the capability to identify concealed objects within the body, thanks to its exceptionally low radiation dose. Complete protection for high-flow environments Utilizing advanced low-radiation technology, this equipment ensures comprehensive security for systems in airports, ports, railway stations, prisons, embassies, …

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